July 1, 2022 • 4:17 pm

Azzam Derbas

Parramatta. Redevelopment of parking stations

Parramatta City Council has prepared a masterplan for the redevelopment of the Horwood Place multi-storey car park station (780 spaces), and one is planned for the Erby Place station (559 spaces), with an aim of relocating long-stay parking to the periphery of the city centre. Council’s proposed long-term strategy is to have existing multi-storey stations at Wentworth (1163 spaces) and Hunter (550 spaces) streets (in the south and west precincts of the city centre) and new ones at Fennel and Macquarie streets (in the north and east precincts). The privately-owned Westfield car park contains 4650 spaces. Park & Ride options are being considered to reduce the need for city-centre parking. The public exhibition of the Integrated Transport Plan, for Parramatta City Centre, is on display until December 1.

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